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Health Coaching

What's your goal?


  • Wake up in the morning and jump out of bed because you have more energy than ever before?
  • Look in the mirror and smile because those dark circles under your eyes have disappeared?
  • Comfortably zip up your favorite jeans and not have a muffin top?
  • Love getting on the scale because you've reached your goal weight with no deprivation or crash dieting?
  • Run up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing?
  • Play with your grandkids without pain?
  • Triumphantly cross the finish line in that 5-K?


Health coaching is the key to actually doing all those things you know you need to do to improve your health.  Body Symphony offers health coaching packages tailored to your specific goals as well as your budget.


In a CNN interview, Dr. Mehmet Oz reported that health coaches should be a part of every public clinic, medical office, and hospital wellness center and should be reimbursed by insurance companies and corporate wellness programs.


Corporate health coaching programs reduce employer health care costs, absenteeism, employee turnover, and work place accidents.  Employers investing in health coaching or sharing health coaching costs with employees realize significant returns on investment.


Experience for yourself how health coaching can powerfully impact your life or your business with a free 30-minute coaching demonstration.  E-mail us your contact information, and we'll give you a call within 48 hours to schedule your free demonstration with a professional health coach.


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