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Our job is to help you achieve your health goals.  We will design an individualized program that will help you take steps to improve your health.  Goals our clients might chose to work on include:

  • Losing weight
  • Establishing an exercise program
  • Reducing unhealthy habits
  • Coping with chronic health conditions
  • Managing stress 
  • Improving sleep

"Coaching is a highly effective and superior strategy in reducing total cholesterol, and other coronary risk factors such as blood pressure, compared to patients who were prescribed medication but not coached." -Yale Study

"Training alone results in 143-200% Return On Investment, while training combined with coaching results in 352%."  - Franklin Covey Coaching

Body Symphony provides individual and group coaching, and works with companies to reduce health care costs by coaching managers and employees.  Coaching can take place in person, by telephone, and through conference calls and webinars.

In addition to our coaching services, Body Symphony also offers clinical massage therapy for clients in the Olympia, Washington, area. 

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