Body Symphony
Experience the harmony of vibrant good health.

Services & Rates

Free Classes!

  • Introductory health coaching session -- individual or group
  • Fitness nutrition overview
  • Skin care

Individual & Group Coaching

  • Complimentary coaching demonstrations available for groups or individuals.
  • Service and non-profit organization discounts.
  • Corporate wellness programs.
  • Teleseminars and webinars for group presentations and coaching.
  • Save with coaching packages.
  • Contact Us for coaching and speaking rates tailored to your organization's needs.


A la Carte Coaching Menu

You and your coach together will assess your need for supportive coaching services based on your personal goals. 

  • Healthy Kitchen Makeovers
  • Healthy Grocery Shopping Training
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Health Assessments
  • Postural Assessments
  • Discounts available with coaching packages
  • Contact Us for a la carte rates


Fitness Nutrition Coaching

Contact Us for your personalized program.


Sports/Relaxation Massage

Reduce stress • Ease muscle tension

Decrease pain • Improve muscle tone

Relieve headaches • Perform better

Avoid injuries • Recover faster 

  • 30 minutes—$35
  • 1 hour—$60
  • 90 minutes—$85


Treatment/Medical Massage*

Body Symphony® specializes in helping individuals with injuries and chronic pain conditions (such as fibromyalgia) to feel and function better.  We work with you and your healthcare team to set treatment goals and create a treatment program tailored to meet your specific needs.  Treatment or Medical Massage uses principles of Orthopedic Massage, Myofacial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Facilitated Stretching, and traditional Swedish Massage to help you heal as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

  • $20 per unit
  • $80 per hour


*We will bill your Labor & Industries or Auto Insurance claims.  For clients paying cash, our Treatment/Medical Massage rate is discounted to $65 per hour.


Hot Stone Massage

Heated volcanic stones provide penetrating warmth to the muscles and connective tissue to release tension and prepare the body for massage.  Muscle tissue softens more quickly with less pressure than you may have experienced in other types of massage.  

Cooled marble stones reduce inflammation and provide a contrast to the heated stones, increasing circulation and assisting the body to flush wastes from the muscle tissue that  contribute to muscle pain and fatigue. 

Try this popular therapy, and you’ll be back for more! 

  • 1-hour—$75
  • 90 minutes—$90


On-Site Chair Massage

Reduce healthcare costs; increase workplace productivity; improve morale; reduce repetitive strain injuries; alleviate job stress.  On-site chair massage is a convenient, safe, and cost-effective addition to a workplace wellness plan.  A typical corporate chair massage schedule might include one day a week or twice a month, seeing up to three employees per hour. 

Benefits of chair massage:

  • Recipient is seated and fully clothed
  • No oil is used
  • Massage focuses on upper body -- head, neck, shoulders, back, arms
  • Usually lasts 10-20 minutes -- the length of a typical work break
  • Addresses common ergonomic problems of today's workers
  • Prevents common workplace injuries
  • Reduces workplace stress
  • Can be given at the individual's workstation or in any available small space
  • $15 for 15 minutes